Zombie Survival Guide

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zombie survival guide

When the dead walk the earth again, do you have a zombie survival guide to fall back on? If not, you’re as good as dead already!

A zombie survival guide may be the only thing that keeps you alive when the dead rise and slowly stagger around the landscape on the hunt for human flesh. And if you think zombies are pure fictional creatures and not anything you need to be worried about, you may want to reconsider your stance.

Zombie Survival Guide

Okay, so maybe a dead individual wouldn’t technically rise up out of the grave and begin hunting for living flesh. But all zombies have one thing in common: They suffer from a brain disorder that makes them animalistic in their hunt for food, deadly dangerous, and incredibly hard to kill. The symptoms of a zombie, apart from the “dead” aspect, could manifest through some disease easily.

So, just in case, knowing how to evade zombies and defend yourself might just be a set of survival skills that you need. Besides, if you can defend yourself against zombies, you can defend yourself against anything.

There’s a book out there dealing with the whole zombie scenario, but let’s go over a few things you should cover to guard against zombies.
good weapon for zombie killing

Step by Step Zombie Survival

  • Plenty of weapons: You’re going to need plenty of weapons and ammunition. Long-range rifles are best here, because it’s better to shoot from a distance rather than close-quarter combat. A .22 with a scope is great, but think Winchester 70, 30-06, and other distance weapons like a bow and crossbow. Handguns, knives, and other brain-damaging weapons are a must. You can pick up melee weapons like the ones shown here without a license at Field Supply.
  • Ample training: You’re going to need plenty of training as well. Make sure your skills are up to par by visiting the range often. Or, for hands on practice, find a rooftop somewhere and pick off some zombies. But training is a must.
  • A stronghold: Being mobile all the time is a recipe for death by zombie. You need a stronghold – but not in a location where it would be overrun. A city location is out of the question. Find a farmland somewhere away from people. Fewer people means fewer dead people, and fewer dead means fewer zombies. Create a perimeter security system and knock off intruders before they breach the defenses. Zombies are slow, thankfully!
  • survival tomahawkBartering items: You may have to trade for some ammo or other supplies. You don’t want to live in a world where you’re stealing from other survivors, so have things to trade with. Dried meats, water, seeds, guns for ammo (vice versa), clothing, luxury items – these are all great bartering items. 
  • Safe mobility: If you do have to move, you want a large vehicle that can run over zombies. Stopping or swerving will get you killed. A bus is great. A large van would work. Find something that has a lot of weight that can hold a lot of fuel, and make sure to reinforce the doors and windows.
  • Trustworthy comrades: There is safety in numbers; just make sure you trust the individuals in your group and that everyone is well trained and well prepared to live a life of people V zombies. 
  • Iron will: Most importantly, you need an iron will. What will you do when your loved one gets bitten? You have to put them down! You cannot pick up strays; you cannot hand out food and water and offer shelter to random people. Being a survivalist is tough.

One more thing: when there are no rules, you need to be prepared to take what you need.  That’ll mean getting into places that have been locked and forgotten.  This Advanced Entry Kit contains a battering ram, bolt cutters, and everything you need for forced entry:

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