Tsunami Survival Kit

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tsunami survival kit

A lot of people in coastal regions have spent big money on a tsunami survival kit, but there is really no difference between this basic survival kit and any other type of kit for survival.

When it comes to knowing whether or not you need a tsunami survival kit, you only have to ask yourself one important question. Can I survive the tsunami? That needs to be your initial concern.

Survival Kit - 72 Hr. 4 Person Getaway Kit

Build a Tsunami Survival Kit

After that, well, you go into basic disaster mode, and that obviously means having a survival kit handy. You won’t need a specific kit for a tsunami in particular, so don’t waste any money purchasing a specialized kit. But you will need your basic survival gear and, most of all, a plan of action.

Planning is really what’s important when it comes to surviving a tsunami. If you are in the path of this monstrous, fast-moving, all-power tidal wave of terror, then it’s not like you can sit at home and ride it out. It’s not an earthquake, although it may be preceded by one. What you need is a plan of action – a path that you immediately begin following when the tsunami is coming.

There is an early warning system for tsunamis, so you won’t be taken by surprise. The people hit with a tsunami are the people who underestimate its power or outright refuse to leave.

How to Survive a Tsunami

  • Have your basic gear ready: The only real difference in survival gear here is that you will want everything waterproofed. It should be already. Waterproofing your supplies is one of the many survival techniques you need to know. So just make sure that you have a bug-out bag ready to go for an all-purpose survival scenario.
  • Create an escape plan: Where do the animals go when the tsunami is coming? Higher ground! And that’s where you need to get. You need to have an escape route that takes you to a shelter on higher ground. Have this shelter well stocked beforehand. If a tsunami does hit your home, you’re most likely not going to have a home left. Your shelter may be your long-term residence. Having it stocked preemptively will allow you to escape in a hurry without having to pack up too many supplies. 
  • Have an alternate route planned: Many people may be trying to escape, so always have an alternate route planned – the more the merrier. If you’re thinking about the expressway, save those back roads, the bypass, and other routes as backup routes.
  • Practice your escape: You should practice getting to your alternate location at least once a month. Practice packing up your survival gear, rounding up your family, and alternate the different routes you take so that you’re aware of every path. Also, keep extra fuel on hand, because the gas stations may be overwhelmed or unattended.
  • Alert friends and family: If you live in a coastal area or an area prone to underwater earthquakes, then you need to be prepared for a tsunami. You should also spread the word to your family and friends. In a crisis situation, more people banded together gives everyone a better chance for survival.

Remember that a tsunami survival kit isn’t really different than a basic survival kit. What’s important here is that you have a plan in place to avoid the tsunami’s path and to stay safe indefinitely. Tsunami preparedness is about long-term survival and a plan of action. But the survival gear is universal.

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