Survival Pack List: Building Your Own

If you have yet to put together a survival pack list, you might already be too late to do anything when the next big disaster hits. Take the time necessary to put together a proper kit that can save your life.

With Mother Nature ready to strike at any time, a survival pack may be your only line of defense in keeping you and your family fed and safe from harm.

A survival pack list can save your life during a disaster, and although many of us are scared to admit the possibility, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that things can break down and get ugly at any time.

If you want to have the food supplies you will need in a catastrophic event it’s essential you build a survival food supply.

A disaster can rear its head in the form of a storm, war, famine, or any another natural or man-made disaster. When this happens, you may be left without the modern luxuries of life for days or indefinitely. Or worse, you could witness the collapse of modern civilization as we know it.

While it is a very scary thought, the only individuals who are going to survive during a period of chaos are the individuals who face this fear head on and begin plotting their survival.

Even if you don’t have an underground bunker built with thousands of pounds of food and water stockpiled, you can still prepare for disaster by creating a survival pack list. A properly stocked survival kit will help you get through the initial days of the disaster, until the smoke clears and things either return to normal or until you find that they aren’t going to return to normal and that you must start living a survivalist lifestyle.

Below, we’ll simply run down the different items you should carry in a survival pack. You’re looking for a back-pack style of bag that’s rugged and durable. You want it filled with supplies, but you also want to be able to carry it for long distances if possible. So we’re looking at around 60 pounds as a maximum.

Survival Pack List (Basic)Freeze Dried Emergency Food

Water bottles (a few gallons)
Food (MREs, shelf-stable)
Flashlight (invest in a good one if you can)
Tools (multi-tool, small axe, small shovel)
First aid kit
Signal flares
Sleeping bag (invest in really good ones if you can)
Emergency blankets
Radio (CB, short wave)
Fishing kitSP-70MS Sitex SP-70 For Cable Steer Straight Helms
Extra ammo
Plastic bags (freezer bags, trash bags)
Solar charging device
GPS/maps (VITAL!)
Binoculars (invest in the best binoculars you possibly can, it’s your survival at stake)
Cash and coinage

As far as any guns or knives for self defense purposes are concerned, these can be carried on your person. Having a holstered handgun on your hip is much better than having it in the bag. The same goes with a cellular phone. Keep it in a plastic bag in your pocket. This saves room in the kit and protects the phone from possibly getting crushed.

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