Survival Kit

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A well-armed society is a polite society. We’d hate you to be caught by the apocalypse without a decent survival kit.

We might not be able to prevent Armageddon, but we can do our damned best to last as long as we can after it happens and the best way to do that is with some survival essentials.

Survival Kit Resources

Above you’ll find our ever growing collection of resources to help you choose or build your own survival kit. Don’t be caught with your pants down – by the time most folks know it’s the end of the world, all of the stores will have been looted and all the gas pumps will be dry. You won’t be able to find a weapon for all the money in the world, and even basic food will suddenly be difficult to come by.

Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center, Inc.

Home Made Survival Kit Resources

Sometimes if you want something done right, you have to spend a shitload of time and money doing it yourself.  There’s really no better way to be prepared for the apocalypse than by building your own survival kit, this should be step one when it comes to survival essentials.

These survival kit articles should help you to adequately prepare to spend weeks, months or even years fending for yourself and your family.  If you stock up well on essentials and know what you can forage nearby, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping yourself alive after the apocalypse.

The apocalypse is a collapse of monumental proportions. You may be prepping for your own version of it, whether it’s a polar shift, a meteor strike, a financial collapse, a viral outbreak, or any other worldwide, society-ending disaster. And survival in this context is about long-term preparedness, not a FEMA-suggested short safeguard.

What you need in order to survive the apocalypse is a wide-ranging set of survival skills. So, for this “kit,” we’re going to speak a little bit about the topics you should be learning, because a thorough survival kit consists of your knowledge just as much as any item you could throw in a backpack.

Packing Knowledge into Your Survival Kit

  • Weapons Training: Owning a gun and other weapons isn’t enough. You need to be well trained to handle weapons. An attacker can cover more than five yards in a single second – and that’s a slow estimate! You need to be trained to handle weapons in an apocalyptic situation.
  • Bug-Out Locations: Known as alternative safe houses or shelters, a bug-out location is simply another location you can run to should your original location become compromised. When you think “kit,” you probably think of what you can fit in a bag. But a true kit will involve knowing about multiple secure locations you can head to just in case. So start planning them now.
  • Sustenance Education: Do you know which plants you can eat in the wild? Can you spot a sick animal when hunting? Do you even know how to hunt? An apocalypse survival kit might have some food and water, but in a long-term scenario, you will need to know how to gather food and how to get your hands on clean drinking water. This also includes growing food.
  • Engineering Basics: Being able to rig up a windmill or a generator, or understanding how to build a reinforced structure in the wild, or creating a water gathering and/or filtration system – these are all areas you should learn about if you’re thinking of long-term survival. If you plan on making it the long haul, you will need this knowledge to thrive.

Don’t be caught unprepared!  It might seem like a big expense now, but you’ll be glad you have a full survival kit in your garage when the zombies come knocking.

On second thought, don’t keep it in the garage.

Survival Deals

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