How to Create a Personal Survival Checklist

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Survival Kit ChecklistBefore you run out and start purchasing multiple items to fill up a survival bag, it helps if you create a survival checklist first.
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This way, you can run down the items like a grocery list. Creating a list also allows you to add extra items as you realize you need them, and you won’t have to run back and forth to the store, frantically looking through multiple items, every time you’re struck with inspiration.

Starting Your Own Survival Checklist

A great way to create this checklist is to use your computer’s Notepad or Word feature. But a paper and pencil work just fine for the task. The important part about building any checklist is that you focus on the types of items you need on a personal level.

You can check out our previous articles on building a survival checklist, but in this article, we’re going to speak more about how you factor in what you need personally based on your situation.

And don’t forget about food. You and your loved ones will need emergency rations to make it through anything. So Buy Emergency Foods and survive when others won’t.

To understand what you need in your survival checklist, you need to address a few issues:

• Where you live
• What you’re planning for
• How long you’re planning for
• How many people will be surviving
• Your shelter options
• Your water/food situation
• Your personal health

In terms of where you live, you may have more cover or more access to food and water than someone else. If you live by a mountain creek or by a river, for example, you might not have to focus too much on long-term water options. You might have a location off the beaten path that others won’t find. Whereas if you live in the city, you’re at the mercy of many outside influences and thus need to plan accordingly to your needs.

The same goes for the duration you’re planning for. If you’re only planning to survive a tornado or flood, a few days worth of supplies is fine. But if you’re convinced the apocalypse is right around the corner, make sure you go heavy on supplies, escape routes, weapons, a stronghold, etc.

How many people are in your group? It’s always smart to reach out and survive with others. You don’t want to be alone in a survival situation. So factor in how many people will be surviving with you before you start a checklist.

You can see where this is going by now. Your main objective should be to personalize your survival. An over-the-counter kit or creating a survival checklist based on what you read on this site is a good idea, but remember to expand it based on your personal needs.

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