Signs of the End and What You Can Do

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signs of the end of the world

Whether you’re a believer in one of the world’s big religions or just an observant person, you may have noticed some signs of the end. I mean, look around, the world seems to be rapidly changing. Pregnant women cannot ride a bike casually in the United States without being stabbed by teenage gangsters.

Little kids in the Middle East can’t watch a soccer match without falling victims to barbarism like beheadings and stonings. Money has proven to be nothing but a mere illusion, while debt continues to drown us all and our children for the next dozen generations. Oil is running out and foreign powers are seriously at odds with the US and with one another. These things are eventually going to come to a head, and the end result will be…well, the end.

The only people capable of surviving these end times scenarios are people who are prepared to bug-out of normal society, which will become exceedingly violent and animalistic, and feeling to calmer terrain where a survival stronghold can be placed. Here are just a few signs of the end times that you may be aware of. 

Signs of the End and What You Can Do

End Times Coming: A Moral Decline

Now, while you might be a Biblical believer, we’re speaking about much more than Biblical morality here, as in staying chaste until married and loving thy neighbor. There are no basic values of decency in the world anymore. Violent criminals raised by single mothers have no empathy; they’re being raised as sociopaths.

Click now to get PREPARED!They’re destroying schools, their own neighborhoods, they’re inundating the nation with illegal guns and drugs, and they’re reproducing criminals at startling rates. The days of yes sir and no sire are long gone. Now it’s, “World Star! World Star!” as teenagers punch old ladies in the face for fun. The true sign of this being an end-time scenario is that no one seems to care about it. Media ignore it, politicians excuse it, and the rest of us are just supposed to stay quiet while these animals grow by millions every year and transform good towns and cities into cesspits of despair and loathing. It’s a disease that’s quickly spreading. If that is not a sign of the end, I don’t know what is.

End of Days: Insurmountable Financial Burden

If you have a child today, by the time he or she graduates high school, he or she will be over $100,000 in debt to the government thanks to our national debt in America. While politicians pretend the debt doesn’t matter, people who can no longer afford milk and bread beg to differ. Any attempt—any at all!–to “solve” the debt crisis will result in politicians artificially tampering with the market and putting in motion the worst hyperinflation the world has seen since a million dollars in Africa became worth less than an American dime.

The economy in which we live is capitalistic, which means people cannot survive without money. Millions upon millions will starve and lose their shelter and fall ill and die due to no healthcare. The debt is going to kill us.

I Give Up: Widespread Apathy

So, a car crashes in the middle of a road and a baby is trapped inside burning. What do the bystanders do? Well, a few decades ago, many would have rushed in to try to save the child. Today, however, people will just stand back and take photos and put them on Instagram and Facebook saying, “LOL! OMG, I was, like, totally there watching! It’s cray-cray!”

We live in a world where people have turned into self-centered brats. They literally don’t care if the world burns, so long as they get their latte and can post about their mundane lives on the Internet to get a few likes. The apathy trend is growing and what’s so dangerous about this is that it means people aren’t going to stand up to prevent the preventable end-times scenarios. They’re not equipped to do so. They’ll lie down and watch it happen.

Before the end times are really upon us, do whatever you can to prepare yourself. Stock up on supplies, form a survivalist community, and be ready to protect yourself against the coming storm. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to signs of the End with a capital E.

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