Flood Survival Kit

flood survival kit

A flood survival kit just might save your life, and never forget it. As citizens of New Orleans found out, a powerful hurricane like Katrina or other natural disaster can sometimes just be the calm before the storm. After the rains and winds all but died down, the levees broke and flooded the entire city, killing thousands of people and leaving thousands more stranded. There are thousands of floods around the globe every year, killing millions. But if you’re prepared, you won’t be a casualty.

Build a Flood Survival Kit

So, what exactly goes into a flood survival kit? Well, a kit of this nature is as much about planning as it is about supplies. You need to evacuate the area should there be any danger of a flood. That’s the first step. For more on this, see our article about a tsunami survival kit. You will find some great planning information there to help you get out of the water’s path.


Let’s assume that you get hit with a torrential downpour and the flood is on its way after the river crests. You only have about an hour to get away, and you will have to stay gone for at least a week. Here are some of the items you will need in order to create an adequate survival pack (double the items for 2, triple for 3, etc).

How to Build Your Flood Pack

  • The basics: We don’t mean to sound vague here. It’s just that we have covered the makings of a basic survival kit numerous times. So make sure that you have all the basics, including ample food and water, first aid, fire starters, etc. A basic, one-size-fits-all kit is important for everyone. You can tweak it per the disaster you plan on facing, but the essentials stay the same.
  •  Important documents: When a flood comes, you’re going to need a lot of documents in the aftermath if you home is damaged. This includes insurance forms, deeds and titles, identification, and other documents. Keep them in a watertight container and as part of your flood survival kit so that you don’t forget them.
  •  Communication means: Electricity may be out during a flood—since it could be brought on by severe storms or damage power plants—and cell reception might also be down. Keep a short-wave radio around or another way to communicate with people, like a CB.
  •  Warm-weather and waterproof gear: You want plenty of dry clothes here, including sweaters, socks, raincoats, ponchos, etc. You might have to be out in the rain for a while for whatever reason, and being cold and wet can lead to debilitating sickness.
  •  Extra heating supplies: You can add a butane heater, a torch, a buddy burner using candles and cardboard, and other heating supplies to your kit. These are not only to stay warm, but also to dry out your clothes in the case of a power outage. You will need to keep your environment dry.

Always remember that a basic survival kit is a must-have for everyone. To turn it into a flood-specific kit, you only need to add on a few items for the potential situation. But having a thorough kit is vital here, and having a plan to escape the flood is just as important.

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