Purchasing the Proper Survival Backpack

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survival backpackBuying the Right Survival Backpack

When it comes to surviving disaster, the type of survival backpack you have is going to make a huge difference. While it is true that having the supplies is what matters the most, it’s also true that you may need to stay on the move, and thus having to struggle to carry a bag or having your bag fall apart will result in slowing down or losing supplies.

So in conjunction with focusing on food, water, first aid, tools and the other supplies you need, you also need to place equal focus on the bag you’re using to carry it all.

Check out Nitro-Pak to find out if you have everything you need to save your family in any type of emergency situation. They have everything you need from food to personal safety covered, so make sure you do to.

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Here are a few types of bags that you do NOT want to use and the reason(s) why:

Duffel bag: Even a heavy-duty duffel bag makes for an awkward survival kit backpack. It might be able to hold your items securely without fear of damage, but if you’re dealing with a bag in excess of 30 pounds, carrying this by hand is going to quickly become tiring. You want something with shoulder straps. (There are some shoulder optional models available, however.)

Drag bag: You won’t know the terrain you’ll need to carry the bag over, so dragging may be out of the question. You could lose your bag, damage it, or have to abandon it altogether.

Suitcase: Like with the drag and duffel bags, you just don’t want to have to carry your survival gear by hand. Your survival pack needs to be secured to your body when moving, and a quality backpack is the preferred method.

Trash bags: Even the most heavy-duty trash bag cannot handle the supplies. It might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people pack their survival items into Hefty bags to save time and money.

What exactly are you looking for in a survival backpack?

• A rugged, durable material (canvas or denier nylon are great options) that’s built to last
• At least 2,000 cubic inches of spaceGuardian 72-Hour Survival Kit Backpack
• Separate compartments
• Easy to access compartments that close well
• Weatherproof material
• Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps
• A wide base (to sit the bag down stable to use it)
• Accessory attachment points
• A durable carry handle

Finding the right pack isn’t hard at all, but it’s also very easy to get the wrong pack. Just remember to find a bag durable enough for the job.

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