Buy A Survival Kit: What To Look For

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buy survival kitDo you want to buy a survival kit? A lot of companies are selling survival-based items to prepared people who know that it’s always best to be prepared. But can’t you just throw together a survival kit all by yourself instead of buying one?

What to Look for when Purchasing a Survival Kit

The definitive answer to that is an obvious and emphatic yes. As long as you know what goes into a proper survival kit, you can piece it out and put one together yourself. However, buying a pre-made survival kit with multiple items is a great time saver:

Purchasing a Survival Kit – A Few Things to Remember

• No kit is “complete.” You will always want to personalize any kit and add different items to it
• Expensive isn’t always better. You can find great deals on survival packs out there
• Don’t trust someone else’s first aid kit. You still want to include plenty of medical supplies
• Most kits are not properly weaponized, so you will still need to arm yourself and the kit
• Purchase a rugged, durable kit, with reinforced stitching, quality fabric, and weather-resistant material
• Having more tools is better than having too few tools
• Think about long-term survival when supplementing your purchased kit
When you’re looking to buy a survival kit, you also need to be aware of what you’re buying it for. “Survival” is a given. But how long do you plan on using it? If you’re only purchasing a 72-hour kit for floods, power outages, tornadoes, and other disasters, that’s all good and well, but use the basic premise of the kit and extend your supplies for at least two weeks.

Basic Items in an Off-the-shelf Survival Kit

Kaito KA332W Portable Hand-Crank AM, FM, NOAA RadioWater – usually pouches or a specialized water filter
Freeze-dried food and meal bars
Water purification tablets
Flashlights, light sticks, candles
Fire-starting supplies (lighter, matches, firestone, steel, etc)
Hand-crank radio
Sleeping bags and/or thermal blanket
• Hygiene supplies – soap, toothpaste/brush, hand sanitizer, wipes etc
Tent (VITAL if you don’t know how to build a shelter)
Knife/multi-tool (can opener, screwdriver, wrenches, etc)
• Gloves
• Rope (paracord is best)
First aid kit
• Tissues
• Body warmer
• Waste bags
Pry bar
Mini shovel
Small fuel stove w/tablets

The Survival Kit you Really Need

Hurricane survival 72 Hour KITMost of these items can be found in Nitro-Pak’s excellent 2-person 72-hour kit, shown here.  Pack this out with some extra food supplies and medical gear, and you can last a long time in an emergency situation

All of these items together inside of a quality duffel bag or backpack will weight around 35 pounds. For real survival, you can deal with around 60 pounds. This means you need to greatly increase your food and water, increase your fire-starting supplies, find quality, lasting tools, add more hygiene products and more purification means, and throw in other odds and ends that you may need.

Buying a pre-made survival kit is a great move; just make sure you have a thorough kit that’s ready to go.

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