2012 APOCALYPSE Still On The Table

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2012 apocalypse

Polar Shift: How the World Ends Part Four

Hollywood made a crappy movie about the 2012 apocalypse in 2011 to capitalize on the hysteria. Books and sites and every doomsayer worth his or her salt amped up the dangerous rhetoric in anticipation of it. And some historians were literally scared senseless because the Mayans had been predicting it for centuries. You know what it is: The December 21, 2012 apocalypse!

Well, obviously we’ve made it through. It’s 2015 now, and whatever was supposed to happen back then didn’t happen. Were the Mayans wrong? Did people just misread the prediction? What was supposed to happen that never happened?Freeze Dried Emergency Food

The Mayan calendar came to an abrupt end in 2012, and millions of people believed that they had predicted a polar shift that would cripple the entire planet. This type of polar shift, the doom-and-gloom variety, entails a cataclysmic shift that reverses the poles on the Earth’s axis and reverses its rotation. This would lead to unfathomable widespread earthquakes ripping apart continents.

Floods would make the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami look like a slight drizzle. Volcanic eruptions would be forced out of the planet’s crust. Mountains would fall and new ones would rise. Basically, it would be everything from that low-rent Hollywood film, only happening in real life with no heroes around to help the common people.

The 2012 Apocalypse Threat is Still Real

Many scientists, from geologists to astrophysicists believe that the Earth’s poles can shift and not do any damage. However, others believe that the worst will happen when the poles shift; and what’s scarier is that they believe that even though the Mayan prediction was wrong, the pole shift is still looming. This sort of shift in the poles would be so devastating that even landlocked people may have trouble surviving.

We’re talking about the planet’s tectonic plates basically splitting and fracturing at random intervals. So, the North American continental plate could crack through Canada, down through Ohio, into Mississippi, and split the continent in two pieces. Everyone within a few hundred miles of either side of the divide(s) would be dead with no hope – no bunker strong enough, no vehicle fast enough to escape. Millions upon millions dead, tossed into the Earth’s mantle where they will burn like marshmallows.

The world that would be left would be totally unrecognizable. We would be dealing with global cooling due to all the eruptions. The vast majority of all roads and most geographical landmarks will have been wiped out. Flood waters may take years to recede and could cause the ocean to wash up on shore as far as states like Kentucky in the east and Nevada in the west.

Only a handful of people will be lucky enough to survive this, and those are the people who are simply out of the range of breaking continents. Since there is no way to predict this, it is basically initial luck. Getting off of a fault line increases your odds, but it’s no guarantee that you will be safe from the shift.

After the initial destruction, it basically comes down to how prepared you are to survive. So, you were in Iowa and you weren’t part of a break, and there are no volcanoes close enough to you to have caused any damage. From your vantage point, things aren’t all that drastic. At least not yet. Now you have a very limited window of survival. It won’t be long until people start clamoring in the streets and wreaking horrific havoc. You have to get your go bag and bug-out to a safe location. You need all your supplies and all your survival members, and it’s time to start surviving.

There is no coming back from this shift. When it happens, the world as you know it will cease to exist. Over 90% of the people on the planet will die in the chaos. If you’re one of the lucky few who happen to be spared by the destruction, make sure you have the survival gear ready to keep on living.


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